Help the Kalamazoo area community

Donating items can help local programs fulfill their missions while providing a new purpose for items that one no longer needs. The list below offers a few locations that can give new life to our treasures.

Do you know of a similar organization? If so, please add the organization’s name and other known details in the comments below.

Goodwill Southwest Michigan

Various locations and hours

Clothing, footwear, housewares, furniture, computers, media, toys, infant items, tools, sporting goods, cars

Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries

448 N Burdick St. Kalamazoo
Mon, Wed, Fri: ‍10am – 4:30pm
1st & 3rd Sat of each month: 9am-11am

Clothing, personal care products, reading glasses, bedding (twin)

YWCA Kalamazoo

353 E. Michigan Avenue, Kalamazoo
Tuesdays and Thursdays
9 am to 5 PM

Accepting only: Linens (twin sheets, blankets, towels), diapers (sizes 3, 4, 5, 6), baby wipes, personal care Items, gift cards

HR Buzz: Spotlight on… you!

The HR team features a department in our digital magazine, HR Buzz, through a series titled, “Spotlight on.” The Spotlight series strives to be an engaging and inclusive avenue to support our sense of community.

This is a great opportunity to showcase the personalities and unique qualities to be found all around our campus. Interested departments/units are invited to participate in drafting the article. Visit to learn more and shine a Spotlight on you!

Michigan Snow Plows

Did you know that the State of Michigan has 330 snow plows, and each one is named. Here are a few favorites. Check out the full list.

  • K-zoo
  • Love Mi Plow
  • Lake Scooperior
  • Plowthagorean Theorem
  • Betty Whiteout
  • Barry Salt-and-Sanders
  • Detroit SnoWings
  • Catch My Drift
  • Salt Whitman
  • Buzz Iceclear
  • Ctrl Salt Delete
  • Snowprah Winfrey
  • Ice Cube
  • Plowasaurus Rex

HR Buzz: Free At-Home Rapid Tests

Beginning January 19, the White House makes four at-home rapid COVID tests available to every residence in the United States, including free shipping. Requestors only need to provide their name and mailing address. An email address can be provided for tracking purposes. No credit card or other information is requested. Learn more and request tests for your household by visiting

Order the tests now so that you have them when you need them. Shipping may take two weeks.

Protect the Hive and Protect Your Nest!

HR Buzz: Mindfulness This Holiday Season

As we continue to follow precautions to keep safe this season, we may need to (again) adjust our holiday celebrations with loved ones and friends.
This can add to the stress of the season and dampen our good cheer. Using the basic principles of mindfulness—which is about staying grounded, aware and focused on the moment can keep you from feeling overwhelmed, helping you reconnect with the joys that can be found. Sitting and meditating or focusing on slow, deep breathing are just two notable ways to help you achieve mindfulness. Try these other ways to be mindful.

Tune in to what matters. Focus on what part of the holiday season gives you meaning or lifts you up. It could be the simple act of giving and receiving greetings, for example.

Focus on doing one thing at a time. Bring your full
attention to whatever you are doing, whether stringing lights or sitting in a year-end virtual meeting.

Take a few minutes to walk outside. A walk in the fresh
air, feeling your feet firmly strike the ground can bring you back to the calmness of the moment, silencing anxious thoughts.

Regard worrisome thoughts as passing clouds.
Don’t judge them. Let them arise and float on by.

Tap into the small moments of joy. Just seeing the winter moon shining through the trees or your dog romping through the first snowfall can bring heartfelt delight.

Consider saying, “Hmmm, that’s interesting.” With more time spent indoors with family, tensions can surface. Instead of reacting, just observe what you’re feeling, and greet your emotions with kindness. This may help you experience better connectedness with others.

Looking for additional support? Remember that the College’s Employee Assistance Program provides for free* and confidential access to a Licensed Professional Counselor who can help with

Stress, depression, anxiety

Relationship issues, divorce

Family and parenting problems

Anger, grief, and loss

Job stress, interpersonal conflicts

And more

Toll-free 24/7 access:
1.800.854.1446 (multi-lingual) or

*Up to three visits

HR Buzz: Thankful for…

On this, the week of Thanksgiving, the Office of Human Resources shares thoughts on some things for which we are thankful.

Seasons and all that each brings to southwest Michigan,

Completing a full term of in-person learning and working,

Technology that keeps us connected and the talented colleagues who make it all happen,

Skilled people to keep us safe and comfortable,

Colleagues who leap hurtles to support our students,

Hundreds of community members who are committed to our collective health and safety,

Creative and solution-seeking minds,

Tenacious hunger to keep plowing ahead,

Passion, dedication, care and friendships.

Thank YOU from your Human Resources team,
Renee, Jenn, and Miasha

HR Buzz: Fun Fall Activities

The morning air is crisp. The fall foliage shows off its rainbow of color. Consider these fall activities to make the most out of the season.

Go apple picking

Take a leaf-peeping road trip

Go for a hike

Plant bulbs for next spring

Visit a pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins

Make a pinecone bird feeder

Have a fall picnic

Gather up leaves in a big pile, jump in, repeat

Take a bike ride

Make a big batch of chili and host a gathering

Dig up old sweaters and donate them

Bake (and enjoy) an apple or pumpkin pie

Grab a blanket and go stargazing

HR Buzz: Small steps, big results

The desire to “be healthy” is a common goal many of us share. Yet, that can mean different things depending on how you define “healthy.” The first part of your journey is understanding what “your healthy” is. These tips can help:

Consider these questions: What does healthy mean to you? How would you describe it in the context of your life? For example, are you struggling with your own needs and those of others? If so, your healthy may be recognizing how vital your well-being is and developing a plan to find balance.

Put it into words. Write it down, type it up, record it on a video or voice note on your phone— any method to get your idea of healthy out of your mind and into your world.

Determine small steps to take that will add up to the big result: Your healthy. Pick 2-3 things that can fit within your lifestyle. Based on the example above, this could be: On Saturday evenings, I am going to take some “me” time.

Practice your small steps until they become habits. Make an effort to follow through on your small steps, and when you notice that you’ve been doing them most of the time for several weeks, consider building
on them with new small steps! Building on your small steps and adding more over time, while maintaining the previous steps, will add up to big results.

Reassess. As you start to feel good about your progress and meeting your small steps, redefine your healthy. Are you not quite there yet and want to take your first idea of healthy further? Or since you’ve made some changes, does healthy mean something different to you now?

Whether you maintain your original idea of healthy or expand upon it, the idea is to focus on simple steps you can slowly and easily incorporate into your lifestyle that will get you where you want to be.

Small steps add up at the end of a year

  • 1 hour per week of relationship-building becomes 52 hours of connectivity.
  • 15 minutes of daily activity becomes 90 hours of movement.
  • Saving $1 per day becomes $365 earned.
  • 1/2 page of daily journaling becomes 182 pages of memories.
  • 10 minutes of mindfulness per day becomes 60 hours of reflection.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

No person should be subjected to the fear, shame, and humiliation that an abusive relationship produces. If you or a loved one need help, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) 24/7. Or call 911.

Bee Part of the Swarm

There is still time to be part of the swarm! Learn more and sign up to help Buzz.

The Hive is buzzing! Buzz will fly to the nest on Friday, October 15! Buzz is foraging for a few worker (chaperone) Hornets. Avoid the sting of missing Buzz, who will be flying around campus all day on Friday.

Buzz is impressed with our community commitment to Live United. Our 2021 Week One participation doubled over the same period last year! Our goals are attainable!

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