Tuition Exchange Scholarship

Tuition Exchange (TE) is a reciprocal scholarship opportunity for the dependents of eligible faculty and staff at all Tuition Exchange member schools.   

The list of TE member schools is current and provides you the contact email for every TE Liaison Officer. 

TE is available to eligible employees at member schools.  Eligible employees are defined by the employee’s school.  Tuition Exchange is not an employee benefit nor is it a guaranteed scholarship opportunity.  

The Export school defines the beneficiary dependent.  Dependents are children of the employee. Employees must have worked at least 3/4 time for a minimum of 2 years at Kalamazoo College.

TE can be a competitive award process.  Applicants need to inquire about individual TE application dates and procedures at the Export and all Import schools where the student is considering applying to and potentially enrolling in the fall.

The value of the TE scholarship is tuition or the annual set rate.  Be aware that TE funding may include federal and state grant dollars, and any institutional scholarships, and merit or need-based institutional grants.

Each TE school appoints a Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer.  TE Liaison Officers are responsible for confirming qualified applicant.  Tuition Exchange offers an online application process.  Before completing the online application, be sure to check with your Export TE Liaison Officer, Miasha Wilson in Human Resources, for the TE application process.  

You only complete one EZ app, if you wish to add additional schools after submitting your initial application, you start again with the EZ application process.  Neither the Export TE Liaison Officer or TE Central can add more schools to your original record.  You complete a new application.

It is vital to coordinate your TE Import applications and the individual school admission applications when requesting your TE Liaison Officer to submit the TE application.

Applicants need to check with all Import schools for any additional requirements.  Requirements can include filing the FAFSA annually, maintaining minimum grade point average, being enrolled fulltime, and living on campus.   

The TE Liaison Officer is your institutional contact at your Export school.  Your admissions counselor is the contact at the Import school.  

If you are going to apply for the TE please complete the Kalamazoo College TE Application Form.

Please contact Jenn Williams with further questions at

Tuition Exchange

Application for Scholarship
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