Campus Clear Health Screening App

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Campus Clear is a free app built to help colleges return to campus safely and make informed decisions about on-campus activity. Self-screening is easy, intuitive, and actionable. It takes less than 10 seconds to self-screen. End-user privacy is protected via encryption and two-factor authentication only accessible to Human Resources.

What are some of the advantages of Campus Clear?

  • The app is simple, quick, and easy to use.
  • The app provides an instant result – come to campus or do not come to campus.
  • The app has a daily reminder feature and provides the user with a personal history.
  • Users could provide proof of completion if needed.

How do I get started?

Download the app or visit the Campus Clear site to begin quick and efficient health screening.

Link to app in Apple Store
Link to app in Google Play
Link to web app site

Where can I learn more?

Visit the Frequently Asked Question page for more details.