COVID Testing Instructions

Testing will take place in the banquet room located on the lower level of Hicks Student Center. Participants will enter the building through unlocked doors on the quad side and proceed directly to the doors of banquet room west located directly across from the bookstore. After the test sample is collected, participants are asked to quickly exit through the doors of banquet room located near the east end of Hicks. Participants are asked to complete a health screening (Campus Clear), wear a mask, observe social distancing practices, and follow instructional signage. Hand sanitizer will be available.

Participants will receive results of their test telephonically from OptiMed as soon as they are available from the lab which is expected to be within about 48 hours. Results will not be shared with supervisors or primary care providers. Positive results will be included in aggregate form on the College’s COVID-19 Dashboard and will be shared with local health officials per regulation. Participants who test positive for COVID-19 will begin the interactive process with Human Resources to determine if a medical leave is appropriate. OptiMed will store testing information in compliance with privacy regulations and practices.

Questions may be directed to Renee Boelcke, Director of Human Resources.