Human Resources

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Your Human Resources staff is proud to support faculty, staff, retirees, students and community members.

We are honored to assist you with matters related to employment, benefits, work and life topics. We extend an invitation to learn more about us by visiting our Directory page.

  • How do I find you?

    New students and colleagues arrive at K all year, with most people arriving to campus as the trees show off their beautiful hues and the night air becomes crisp. Help keep the Departmental Phonebook up to date so that students and colleagues know how to locate you. Pro Tip: Not sure if your campus information […]

  • Congratulations and Thank you!

    Did you see that Forbes included Kalamazoo College as a Best Small Employer? This is an important recognition for all of us – every decision that we make every day contributes to the K culture. Moments of kindness matter! Sometimes those moments feel big and sometimes those moments feel smaller. Every. Moment. Matters. Continue to […]

  • HR Buzz: Embracing an Attitude of Gratitude – Let’s Appreciate and Thrive Together!


    As we navigate through the ups and downs of life’s journey, it’s important for us to take a moment and reflect on the power of gratitude. We are reminded about the incredible impact that an attitude of gratitude can have on our workplace environment and our collective success. Gratitude is not just about saying “thank […]