Retirement Savings

Plan now. Retire later.

Kalamazoo College offers one 403(b) retirement plan through TIAA.

Any eligible employee of the College can participate in the tax deferred Group Supplemental Retirement Annuity(GSRA) portion of the plan. There are no service requirements. You may enroll and begin pre-tax contributions through payroll deduction at any time.

To begin participation, you must enroll online with TIAA and provide a Salary Reduction Agreement to Human Resources.

The Defined Contribution (DC) portion of the plan requires two benefit-eligible service years at an institution of higher learning prior to enrollment. The service requirement may be met at K or while employed at another institution. Your previous employer must complete the Verification of Service Credit form. 5% base retirement contributions have been restored effective July 1, 2021. Matching contribution continuation will be determined at a later date based on economic conditions.

Investment Line-up Changes

Kalamazoo College’s Retirement Oversight Committee is proud to announce enhancements to the investment line-up with TIAA. Learn more by reviewing the slide deck (ppt) from the Townhall sessions in mid-September.

TIAA Salary Reduction

  • By this agreement made between the person named above (employee) and Kalamazoo College, the parties agree as follows.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Effective with respect to amounts earned on or after (date), the employee's includible salary will be reduced each pay period by the amount indicated below. Such reductions will be allocated to employee’s TIAA accounts as designated by employee.
  • Enter the TOTAL percentage to be deducted. (2021 IRS max $19,500) The amount of this election will be paid as a contribution to employee’s Defined Contribution (DC) contract to a max election of 5%. The percentage in access of 5% will be paid as a contribution to the employee's Group Supplemental Retirement Annuity(GSRA) contract .

When do you want to retire?

Planning is key. Kalamazoo College offers a few options to assist you with planning for retirement.

TIAA Mobile

Download the TIAA mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.

  • Check your TIAA account balances and details
  • View pending transactions and required actions
  • Upload files for TIAA
  • Transfer money between retirement plan investments
  • Monitor your personal rate of return for your retirement investments
  • Learn how much you can borrow from your retirement savings
  • View, download and email quarterly retirement statements and tax statements
  • Update personal information and communication preferences
  • Communicate with TIAA in the Message Center
  • See your balances without logging in using Peek View

Individual Counseling Sessions

Experts through TIAA are available to assist you, at no charge to you, through a few different avenues.

In-person/virtual sessions may be scheduled on the TIAA site.

On-demand sessions may be initiated by logging in to your TIAA account.

TIAA representatives are available every weekday from 8:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (ET) at 1.800.842.2252.


TIAA offers a variety of topics to help you meet your financial goals.

Emeriti Contributions

Kalamazoo College contributes $33.00 per month to your Emeriti Retirement Health Account, which you can use towards healthcare costs up on your eligible retirement from K. AND… you can also contribute after-tax dollars to your Emeriti Health Account through payroll deduction.

Definition of Retirement at Kalamazoo College

Retirement eligibility is defined by the College as minimum age 55 years with at least ten years of continuous service, or for late hires, minimum age 65 years with at least five years of continuous service. Benefit eligible employees who participate in the Emeriti Retirement Health Plan and who terminate employment after attaining retirement eligibility as defined under the Plan are eligible for certain health benefits in retirement.