Kalamazoo College is proud to offer two healthcare plans powered by ASR.

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Notice of Qualified Health Coverage for Michigan No-Fault Auto Law

Black (90%) Plan

This plan includes an automatic Medical Reimbursement Arrangement (MRA) that reduces the actual Plan Benefit (in-network) deductible by 75%.


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Orange (100%) Plan

This plan features no deductible and no additional expense for many services.

AmWell Virtual Health Visits

Be connected anytime virtually with a certified provider.
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Flexible Spending

Learn about expenses eligible for flexible spending, register for flex direct deposit, and find out how to access your flex account in real-time.

Flexible Spending Account Open Enrollment Information

Learn about FSA Open enrollment for 2022!


Learn more about this plan’s design, rates, and other details.


Vision care is available through vision insurance and a separate discount program. Learn more on the Vision page.

Domestic Partnership

Learn more about domestic partnership policy and spousal/domestic partner coverage information.

ASR Health Enrollment can only be completed within the first 30 days of hire or during Open Enrollment unless you have a qualifying “life changing” event including marriage, birth/adoption of a child, divorce, death, lost eligibility or loss of coverage.  An employee has 30 days from the date of a “life changing” event to make changes to health insurance.  Please email with further questions.

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