Human Resources

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Your Human Resources staff is proud to support faculty, staff, retirees, students and community members.

We are honored to assist you with matters related to employment, benefits, work and life topics. We extend an invitation to learn more about us by visiting our Directory page.

  • More free COVID-19 tests available

    COVID tests

    Request an additional eight free at-home tests at One only needs to enter their residential address. This is expected to be the final round of free COVID tests unless a funding source is identified. Order today!

  • Help the Kalamazoo area community

    Donating items can help local programs fulfill their missions while providing a new purpose for items that one no longer needs. The list below offers a few locations that can give new life to our treasures. Do you know of a similar organization? If so, please add the organization’s name and other known details in […]

  • HR Buzz: Spotlight on… you!

    The HR team features a department in our digital magazine, HR Buzz, through a series titled, “Spotlight on.” The Spotlight series strives to be an engaging and inclusive avenue to support our sense of community. This is a great opportunity to showcase the personalities and unique qualities to be found all around our campus. Interested […]