Human Resources

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Your Human Resources staff is proud to support faculty, staff, retirees, students and community members.

We are honored to assist you with matters related to employment, benefits, work and life topics. We extend an invitation to learn more about us by visiting our Directory page.

  • Expressions of Gratitude

    Your Human Resources team takes a moment to express sentiments of deep gratitude. Additionally, please be invited to express gratitude as you move through your day. We feel a sense of gratitude for many reasons, including Community and connectedness; Brilliant minds dedicated to making the world a better place for all of us; Creative, curious, […]

  • Five Tips to Enjoy the Holidays

    Around this time each year, there are images that imply that the holidays are supposed to be a time for mythical groups of people to gather around a perfectly set table. Real-life gatherings are more complicated than that.In many cases, the holidays bring people together who we don’t often see during the rest of the […]

  • National Diabetes Month

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 37 million Americans are living with diabetes. With diabetes, your body stops making — or becomes resistant to — insulin, the hormone the body needs to effectively use glucose. In people with diabetes, glucose builds up in the blood. Over time, this can lead to […]