Student Employment

We are happy to support you as you attain employment at Kalamazoo College.

Whether you just began employment at K or have employment experience at K, we are happy to serve you.

Please be invited to use a checklist to ensure student employment processes are complete.

I am new to campus and am looking for work.

To find a campus job, and learn more about campus employment, see Campus Employment for Students.

This is my first job on campus. What do I need to do?

1.      Before you begin your first job on campus, you must complete the required forms below for work eligibility and payroll:

  1. Federal W-4 withholding certificate [PDF] Frequently asked questions
  2. State employee withholding certificates [PDF]
  3. I-9 Federal Employment Eligibility Verification [PDF]

2.      Bring your completed forms to the Human Resources Office located in Mandelle Hall, room 106, along with original documents, as required for the I-9 form, no later than your third calendar day of employment.

There is a list of acceptable documents on the last page of the government’s I-9 form [PDF].
Most students present either an unexpired passport or passport card, -or-
an unexpired driver’s license or school photo ID -along with- Social Security card -or- birth certificate.

Please note that the Department of Homeland Security requires that you present actual documents to verify your work eligibility; we are not able to accept photocopies or faxes. Please Note: Kalamazoo College is an E-Verify participating employer.

3. Complete the required one-hour training. Log in to Moodle.

4. Contact Human Resources (269.337.7225) or to schedule a time to present your I-9 documents in person (Mandelle Hall, office 108).

I am returning to campus employment. What should I know?

  • Access Hornet HQ on the Hornet Hive to ensure there is a time entry form for each position for which you believe you have been hired.  If you cannot locate the form, please contact Human Resources and your supervisor before reporting to work.
  • Ask for training on how to complete the time entry form.  Since you will use the time entry form to report the hours you worked each day, accuracy is extremely important.  You will be compensated on the biweekly student payroll based on the hours you reported on the form.
  • Please understand that you are responsible to accurately report the actual hours that were worked each day.  You will be held accountable for any errors so if you have questions, please speak with your supervisor, Human Resources, or Payroll.

What do I need to do to drive a Kalamazoo College vehicle?

  • Know, understand, and comply with the College Driving Policy and procedures.
  • Complete and submit a release for driving records. An email will be sent with record results and additional instructions, if appropriate. If approved, approvals are valid for no more than one year.

Do you have questions? We are happy to assist you.

Hire paperwork: Human Resources

Handshake postings: Richard Sylvester, or x7183

Time entry and approval: x7285