Employee Frequently Asked Questions – COVID-19

I have COVID-19 symptoms but I want to wait to see if they go away. Can I come to work on-campus while I wait?

No, it is important that you remain as quarantined. Please call your medical provider for next steps.

I need/want to get tested for COVID-19. Where can I find a testing location?

Testing locations can be found by visiting the State of Michigan testing locator site.

I am a bi-weekly employee. Will I need to use my emergency time while I wait for my test results to come back?

No, please use the C19 paycode to account for time away from work due to COVID-19 related reasons, including waiting for test results.

I am waiting for test results. My supervisor says that I can work remotely if I feel up to it. Is this ok?

Yes, if your work supports remote work and you feel physically able to do so, it is permissible to work remotely while you are waiting for test results.

I tested positive. Is the whole campus going to know?

No, the College will not make an announcement about who tested positive. HIPPA regulations forbid this type of communication.

I heard that another employee has COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive. How will I know if I should be concerned?

The most likely scenario is that the COVID-positive person would inform you if you were identified as a close contact. It is possible that a member of Human Resources or your supervisor might tell you that you may have been in close proximity to someone who is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms and that you should self-isolate.

What resources are available for employee well-being?

Please be reminded that the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to help navigate through many of life’s ups and downs. A licensed professional counselor can help with stress and anxiety, relationship issues, and more. The work/life specialists can help to find resources in the community on many topics including elder/child care and financial services. Learn more about this free and confidential program by visiting https://hr.kzoo.edu/current-employees/eap/

Who can I contact about questions?

Please contact Human Resources with questions.

New questions can be submitted to Renee Boelcke, AVP for human resources, at renee.boelcke@kzoo.edu.