Injury Reporting

In Event of Injury on Campus or at a College-related Event

Serious or life-threatening injuries

  1. Call (9-) 911 for an ambulance.
  2. Then contact Campus Safety at 269.337.7321.
  3. Have someone go to the street to direct the ambulance staff.
  4. Provide assistance. Know where the first aid kit and Automated Electronic Defibrillator (AED) is located in your building.

Other injuries

  • Students may go to the Student Health Center during clinic hours.
  • Work-related injuries incurred by faculty, staff and student employees are treated at Bronson ProFit. Contact Human Resources at 269.337.7223, 7225, or 7248 for an appointment.

Report all injuries asap

  • Student injuries should be reported to the Student Health Center at 269.337.7200 and to Student Development at 269.337.7209 or 7210. Work-related student injuries must also be reported to Human Resources at 269.337.7223 or 7225 or 7248.
  • Faculty and staff injuries that are work-related must be reported immediately to the supervisor and to Human Resources at 269.337.7223, 7225 or 7248.
  • All other campus injuries incurred by students, faculty, staff or guests should be reported to Campus Security at 269.337.7321, the Human Resources Office at 269.337.7223, and to a President’s staff member.