Checklist for Obtaining Student Employment at Kalamazoo College

Students: Please use this checklist to ensure that all processes are complete before beginning work. This checklist may be printed for convenience. Recommendation: Set margins to narrow and scale to 50%. Print first page only.

Paperwork required by Human Resources before beginning your first job at K. Human Resources is located on the first floor of Mandelle Hall.

The Department of Homeland Security requires all employees to present original (not copies) documents that establish both their identity (picture ID) and employment authorization. A complete list of acceptable documents may be found by viewing page three of the I-9 form.

HR representative signature and date:

After Human Resources confirms employment by signing above:

See site supervisor and provide the following information:

  • Seven-digit identification number
  • K email address
  • Indicate the work that your would like to do
  • Available start date (Reminder: All paperwork must be approved by Human Resources before you are allowed to work.)

Departmental use only

  • Confirm receipt of information from student
  • Enter into departmental records
  • Send to Human Resources (