Student Employee Expectations

Please be invited to print this page for individual use or copy, paste, and personalize for departmental use.

Mission: To teach students through exposure to, engaging in and implementing a wide variety of projects.

Goals for term: [ ]


  • It is expected that you will arrive on time each day you are scheduled to work;
  • That you will remain focused on the task at hand while here;
  • That you will be thorough in your work and show initiative by thinking of what else can be done, how what we are doing currently can be improved, and otherwise looking to better the department by your presence.

Areas of assessment (ranked outstanding, satisfactory, needs improvement, unsatisfactory):

  • Attitude (pleasant, interested, engaged)                                
  • Initiative (does work on own)
  • Mastery of job skills (proficiency and ability to learn new skills)                            
  • Cooperation (works/relates will with others)
  • Responsibility (dependable, punctual, is in attendance)
  • Efficiency (work is timely, accurate, of good quality)
  • Productivity (produces desired quantity of work, on task)

Basic guidelines:

Timeliness: Please be on time (or a minute or two early). If you are going to be late, please call the office (337-                  ).

Work takes priority: When you are scheduled to be here, please be here entirely, both mind and body. Plan ahead and be here when you are scheduled to be.

Personal phone use: Turned off unless you have a need to contact your family or someone you know is in crisis and may need to reach you. Friends must respect your work and work hours.

Friends visiting: A few seconds to say hello is fine, but prolonged visits and lengthy conversations are disruptive. Please ask friends to meet you after your shift.

Team Work/Company Work: In the end, we must work as a team to get our work done.

Other Items: [ ]

Thank you for your interest in the work we do here.