HornetHQ for Supervisors of Student Employees

The payroll deadline for supervisory approval is 5 p.m., every other Monday for the two-week period. (If Monday is a holiday, then the deadline is 5 p.m. on Tuesday.) The exact calendar of dates can be found on the Payroll page. Frequent review during the pay period will make the final review and approval faster and easier.

Supervisory approval is required before students can be paid. If time entry is not approved by the payroll deadline, payment may be delayed. Follow these instructions to approve or reject payroll.

At the end of each payperiod, log in to HornetHQ by using your College username and password. https://portal.kzoo.edu

  • On HornetHQ, select “Time Approval.”
  • Select “View” to see each individual’s timecard details.
  • Verify regular, overtime and other hours to be paid.
  • Indicate approval or rejection by selecting the corresponding decision. Please note that if you select “Reject”, please include comments to be sent to the employee. The employee will need to make the appropriate changes to their timecard and re-submit for approval.
  • Select “Submit” to save and exit or to move to the next screen.

Students with more than one student employment position will have a separate time entry form for each position.

Supervisors may also look at time entry from previous pay periods at “Employee history (for supervisors).”

Questions may be submitted to Human Resources at HR@kzoo.edu or 269.337.7225.