Workplace Accommodations

The Americans with Disabilities Act, the Michigan Handicappers’ Civil Rights Act, and Kalamazoo College policy prohibits discrimination in employment against qualified individuals with disabilities. The College shall provide reasonable accommodations to a qualified employee with a disability to enable him/her to perform the essential duties of his/her job. The information below outlines the process and provides access to the necessary documentation to begin the accommodation process.

Employee requests accommodation

The request can be either verbally or in writing.  This means that the employee (1) stated that he/she has a medical condition, and (2) needed something at work.

Employee completes the Accommodation Request form

Please complete this form to the best of your ability. It will be sent to the Human Resources Department upon submission. This form is to initiate the process of investigating and evaluating your request for accommodation. You will have the opportunity to submit additional information about your accommodation request. The form will not be shared with your supervisor without your prior consent.

Supervisor and Human Resources partner to determine essential job functions.

Determine essential job functions and whether request is to eliminate an essential job function.

If request is to eliminate essential job function, consider whether to provide temporary restricted work.
If yes, send letter stating temporary assignment.  If no, meet with employee to discuss other possible accommodations.

Employee, supervisor, and Human Resources meet

If request is for assistance to perform essential job functions, meet with employee and discuss: proposed accommodation, alternative accommodations, and/or any need for additional medical information (7 days to return).

Upon receipt of all information, supervisor and Human Resources conduct undue hardship evaluation

Human Resources and supervisor make final determination on accommodation request.

HR to provide communication to employee about accommodation decision.

If warranted, continue to evaluate and monitor need for accommodation.  Set meetings to discuss with employee if accommodation is for a temporary period to time.