Flexible Spending – Dependent Care

Dependent care expenses

The current dependent care limit for dependent care is $5,000 annually per household.


You may claim your eligible expenses by submitting a reimbursement claim form along with copies of your expense receipts to Burnham & Flower Group using their portal below.

Administration Information

Kalamazoo College is proud to partner with Burnham & Flower Group.

The Burnham & Flower Wealthcare Admin Portal can be accessed by navigating to www.mywealthcareonline.com/bfgroup. After registering on the portal, real-time access to your flexible spending account can be maintained with BFG Mobile.

Your Burnham & Flower Group Employee ID number is your Kalamazoo College seven-digit ID number with leading zero(s).  Example: 0123456

Your Burnham & Flower Group Employer ID is BFG13425.

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