Monthly Vacation

Rest, relax, rejuvenate.


Benefits-eligible FLSA-exempt staff members are eligible for this plan. Former employees of the College, who are rehired, are given service credit in full year increments for purposes of vacation. Benefits-eligible part-time employees are eligible for vacation leave time on a pro-rata basis.


Year 1: 10 days
Year 2: 15 days
Year 3 and following: 20 days

Notice and Scheduling

Employees are required to provide their supervisor with reasonable advance notice and obtain approval prior to using vacation. This allows for the employee and his/ her supervisor to prepare for the time off and assure that all staffing needs are met.

Carry Over

Exempt staff members are permitted to carry over no more than 5 unused vacation days from one vacation year to the next. Carried over vacation days must be reported to the Business Office in accordance with established procedures.

Separation and Retirement

Employees will be paid for pro-rated, unused vacation when the employee’s appointment reduces to less than half-time, leaves employment, or retires from the College. Employees who resign and fail to give 30 days’ notice will forfeit payment of unused vacation time.

Approved by President’s Staff and effective on July 1, 2018.