Conclusion of Employment from Kalamazoo College

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Section 1: All faculty and staff
Address Updates

Please be sure to keep your address, phone and email updated with the College. All future communication and important tax documents will be sent through the United States Post Office to your most recent address you have on file with the College. You can make changes by logging on to, selecting User Options/User Profile. Address changes can also be sent to after access to HornetHQ is disabled.

Email and Network Access (Includes all systems that use your K credentials)

Email and network access will end on your last day. Learn more on the Information Services site.

Best Practice Remove any personal information from email/systems before your last day.

Keys, Laptop, Phone, Credit Card, Library Materials, Building Access and all other College-owned materials/equipment
Best Practice Schedule a time with your supervisor/office coordinator.
  • Keys, ID Card, Fob – Return to Campus Safety
    • All are turned off on the last day of employment
    • Access to the following ends on the last day of employment:
      • Hornet HQ
      • Fitness and Wellness Center
      • Natatorium
      • Free access to campus events
      • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
      • Tuition Remission and related programs
  • Laptop – Return to your supervisor or office coordinator
    • Will need to be re-imaged by Information Services for the next user
  • Phone – Return to your supervisor or the Business Office
    • Phones and numbers can be transitioned to personal resources. The process takes time. Contact the Business Office for more details.
  • Credit Card – Return to the Business Office
    • Submit your final credit card statement and receipts
  • Library Materials – Return to the library
    • Pay any outstanding library fees
  • Other College Materials/Equipment – Submit to your supervisor or office coordinator
Exit Survey
Parking Pass

Parking passes issued to you will be deactivated. Please remember to remove the sticker from your vehicle(s).

Hint: Apply packing tape to the sticker on the inside of your vehicle. Use a flat-edged razor to remove the sticker.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Access to the Employee Assistance Program ends on the last day of employment.

Unemployment Filing

If you need to file unemployment please view the Unemployment Notice from Kalamazoo College.

Section 2: Benefits-eligible staff and faculty
Health, Dental, Vision, Flexible Spending

Coverages terminate at the end of the month of your last day of employment.

COBRA provides for continuation of your existing insurance coverage and is administered by a third party, Burnham & Flower Agency/Acrisure. Employees may elect one or all plans they are currently enrolled in as they are stand-alone plans. Instructions to elect COBRA coverage will be sent to the home address on file.

  • COBRA begins immediately after coverage is lost (e.g. last day of coverage is May 31st; COBRA begins June 1st)
  • Premiums are the full rate cost of health insurance premium + 2% COBRA administration fee.
  • Coverage must be elected within 60 days of the loss of coverage, and premiums are backdates to the first day of coverage
  • Coverage may continue up to 18 months
  • If you are COBRA eligible, Burnham & Flower Agency/Acrisure will send you COBRA documents to your address on file with the College.
  • Questions regarding your COBRA enrollment should be made to Burnham & Flower Agency/Acrisure by calling LeAnne Wyant at 800.748.0554.

Additional information about flexible spending

  • FSA expenses must be incurred on or before the last day worked.
  • You have 90 days to file for reimbursement after your last day worked.
  • If you have questions regarding your FSA enrollment please contact Burnham & Flower Group at 269.381.1173
TIAA Contributions/Account

TIAA contributions will end on your last day worked. Contact TIAA to understand options for your account balance.

Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

Insurance coverage will end on the last day worked. Employees may have the opportunity to convert/port their group policy(ies) to an individual plan, if eligible. The election to convert/port must be made within 31 days of loss of coverage. Please visit Unum Convert/Port for instructions.

Emeriti Health Savings

Emeriti funds contributed by the College to your Emeriti Retirement Healthcare Savings account are forfeited back to the College unless you retire from the College.

Short Term and Long Term Disability

Short term and long term disability end on the last day worked. There is no conversion option for these programs.

Section 3: Retirees
Retirement Gift

Kalamazoo College offers a token of appreciation for your years of dedicated service. Retiree are invited to select one of the chairs pictured below and inform Human Resources at

TIAA Retirement Account Balance

TIAA contributions will end on your last day worked. Contact TIAA to understand options for your account balance. Know that the time necessary to access your entire account can vary upon your investment choices.

Tuition Remission

Tuition remission benefits are available to the children of retired employees provided that the retiree completed 25 years of full-time, benefits-eligible service at Kalamazoo College. The level of tuition remission benefits available will range from a minimum of 75% to a maximum of 100%. The service requirements and corresponding benefit levels are as follows.

Years of full-time serviceBenefit Level
Section 4: Student Employees

Campus employment offers a flexible way to hone job-related skills, try out new experiences, build your resume, and earn an income.

Mailing Address

Be sure to keep your address up to date through (at least) April of the year following your last day of employment so that important tax documents can reach you through the United States Post Office.

Current students: Use your K credentials to update your address through the Registrar’s Office.
Alumni: Update your K address through the Office of Alumni Engagement.

Center for Career and Professional Development

Remember your Kalamazoo College resources through the Center for Career and Professional Development.

If you have additional questions please contact Human Resources.