HR Buzz: Spotlight on the Bookstore, Mail and Copy Center

Small and mighty teams, the Bookstore, Mail and Copy Center are wonderful resources and an oasis in our midst. Let’s learn a little more about these four great colleagues!


The Bookstore staff is comprised of two colleagues, Debbie Thompson and Rick Amundson. Debbie has been at K for 20 years! The Bookstore can be described in these three words: Spirited Customer Service.

A surprising fact about about the Bookstore: The Bookstore and Mail and Copy Center staff dress up for Halloween and the talented Bookstore staff, along with their student workers, will sometimes carve pumpkins in the store.  They even carved a likeness of President Gonzalez one year!

The Bookstore staff sends this message to the K community: The Bookstore is your respite from the outside world. When you come to us you can spend a few minutes wandering the clothes and spirit-ware. You can ask a bookstore employee about styles that might be new and exciting. We can find all the materials for your studies, even those of us who have been out of school for a while. We are here for you and we greet you with a smile. K gives students more in four and we too provide more in the Bookstore.

The Bookstore is a great place to build your wardrobe for Spirit Friday!

Mail and Copy Center

The Mail and Copy Center staff is also comprised of two staff members, Kelly Kribs and Deb Stevens. Kelly has been with K for 15 years. The Mail and Copy Center can be described with these three words: Mail, Packages, Paper.

A surprising fact about the Mail and Copy Center: Students used to pick their mail up at a wooden building in Hicks called the Mail Hut.  There were no locks on the mailboxes and the hut was pretty small.

The Mail and Copy Center sends this message to the K community: The MCC is here for all of your shipping, receiving and copying needs. We can ship *almost anything *almost anywhere in the world. Overnight and express shipping available. We also make copies, posters, programs, brochures and more! Competitive prices too. Of course we sell stamps and supplies as well.

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