HR Buzz: Making the most of mornings

No one likes a harried morning rush. Consider these tips to streamline morning routines in your household.

Start the night before

To jump-start the morning routine, plan ahead. Before bedtime, decide what you will wear and, if necessary, prepare lunch. Set the breakfast table. Take a few minutes to go over the next day’s schedule. Check that bags are packed up and by the door.

Take a few minutes for yourself

Give yourself a few minutes to relax, eat breakfast, drink coffee, exercise, or do whatever helps you get in the zone for the day.

Make waking up a little more relaxing

Loud alarms can be jarring and start the morning with an unneeded jolt. Set your alarm to play a favorite song. Try waking up to your favorite breakfast snack. A more pleasant wake-up doesn’t mean it has to be longer—just gentler.

Stick to the clock

Make sure there are clocks easily visible around the home. Use manageable benchmarks like: “At 7:25, shoes should be on.” Or, “At 7:30, I need to be out of the door.”

Follow a routine

Make every day as predictable and routine as you can. Follow the same schedule at the beginning and end of the day. The morning schedule can look something like this: Wake up, clean up, get dressed, eat breakfast, gather bags, do a double check, then leave for the day.

Stay organized

Designate spots for keys, bags, school supplies, sports gear, coats, and jackets. This way, everyone always knows where to look for things in the morning. Plastic containers or labeled baskets can keep items within easy view, which makes looking for things in the morning simpler.

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