HR Buzz: Mindfulness This Holiday Season

As we continue to follow precautions to keep safe this season, we may need to (again) adjust our holiday celebrations with loved ones and friends.
This can add to the stress of the season and dampen our good cheer. Using the basic principles of mindfulness—which is about staying grounded, aware and focused on the moment can keep you from feeling overwhelmed, helping you reconnect with the joys that can be found. Sitting and meditating or focusing on slow, deep breathing are just two notable ways to help you achieve mindfulness. Try these other ways to be mindful.

Tune in to what matters. Focus on what part of the holiday season gives you meaning or lifts you up. It could be the simple act of giving and receiving greetings, for example.

Focus on doing one thing at a time. Bring your full
attention to whatever you are doing, whether stringing lights or sitting in a year-end virtual meeting.

Take a few minutes to walk outside. A walk in the fresh
air, feeling your feet firmly strike the ground can bring you back to the calmness of the moment, silencing anxious thoughts.

Regard worrisome thoughts as passing clouds.
Don’t judge them. Let them arise and float on by.

Tap into the small moments of joy. Just seeing the winter moon shining through the trees or your dog romping through the first snowfall can bring heartfelt delight.

Consider saying, “Hmmm, that’s interesting.” With more time spent indoors with family, tensions can surface. Instead of reacting, just observe what you’re feeling, and greet your emotions with kindness. This may help you experience better connectedness with others.

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