HR Buzz: New Concierge Service for Employee Benefits

Do you have questions regarding how a procedure will be covered under our health plan? Or maybe a puzzling explanation of benefits? Enrolled in the Black Plan and want to know when the College’s MRA should be applied to a service?  Or just tired of all the red tape and confusing language? 
We hear you!

Benefits Concierge


8:00am – 5:00pm ET, Monday – Friday
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K College is proud build on our relationship with Acrisure to deliver employee benefits concierge services. Connect with a dedicated contact, Ginger, who can walk you through any question or concern you have with your employee benefits. Whether you have a difficult question or you just need a little guidance, confidential and professional assistance is just a call or email away. Leave the complex issues to our exports while you focus on being your healthiest self.

Calls are returned by the end of the business day. Calls placed outside of business hours are returned the following business day. During the initial conversation you will receive a resolution timeline.

1 thought on “HR Buzz: New Concierge Service for Employee Benefits

  1. What does MRA mean?

    HR Response: Great question! The MRA, or Medical Reimbursement Arrangement, is associated with the Black plan only. It reduces the in-network deductible by 50% and can be confusing. There is no deductible for the Orange plan.

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