More free COVID-19 tests available

COVID tests

Request an additional eight free at-home tests at One only needs to enter their residential address. This is expected to be the final round of free COVID tests unless a funding source is identified. Order today!

HR Buzz: Spotlight on… you!

The HR team features a department in our digital magazine, HR Buzz, through a series titled, “Spotlight on.” The Spotlight series strives to be an engaging and inclusive avenue to support our sense of community. This is a great opportunity to showcase the personalities and unique qualities to be found all around our campus. Interested […]

Michigan Snow Plows

Did you know that the State of Michigan has 330 snow plows, and each one is named. Here are a few favorites. Check out the full list. K-zoo Love Mi Plow Lake Scooperior Plowthagorean Theorem Betty Whiteout Barry Salt-and-Sanders Detroit SnoWings Catch My Drift Salt Whitman Buzz Iceclear Ctrl Salt Delete Snowprah Winfrey Ice Cube […]

HR Buzz: Free At-Home Rapid Tests

Beginning January 19, the White House makes four at-home rapid COVID tests available to every residence in the United States, including free shipping. Requestors only need to provide their name and mailing address. An email address can be provided for tracking purposes. No credit card or other information is requested. Learn more and request tests […]

HR Buzz: Mindfulness This Holiday Season

As we continue to follow precautions to keep safe this season, we may need to (again) adjust our holiday celebrations with loved ones and friends. This can add to the stress of the season and dampen our good cheer. Using the basic principles of mindfulness—which is about staying grounded, aware and focused on the moment […]

HR Buzz: Thankful for…

On this, the week of Thanksgiving, the Office of Human Resources shares thoughts on some things for which we are thankful. Seasons and all that each brings to southwest Michigan, Completing a full term of in-person learning and working, Technology that keeps us connected and the talented colleagues who make it all happen, Skilled people […]

HR Buzz: Fun Fall Activities

The morning air is crisp. The fall foliage shows off its rainbow of color. Consider these fall activities to make the most out of the season. Go apple picking Take a leaf-peeping road trip Go for a hike Plant bulbs for next spring Visit a pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins Make a pinecone bird feeder […]

HR Buzz: Small steps, big results

The desire to “be healthy” is a common goal many of us share. Yet, that can mean different things depending on how you define “healthy.” The first part of your journey is understanding what “your healthy” is. These tips can help: Consider these questions: What does healthy mean to you? How would you describe it […]

Bee Part of the Swarm


There is still time to be part of the swarm! Learn more and sign up to help Buzz. The Hive is buzzing! Buzz will fly to the nest on Friday, October 15! Buzz is foraging for a few worker (chaperone) Hornets. Avoid the sting of missing Buzz, who will be flying around campus all day […]