FAQs – Student Hiring

Posting a student employment position

How do I post a position for student employment?

  • Supervisors must use Handshake to post positions which are available within their respective departments.

What is Handshake?

Handshake functions as an application system for student positions and as a repository for job descriptions of student positions.

Why are student positions posted through Handshake?

  • Posting with Handshake ensures that students have a consistent process by which to learn of, and apply for, open positions on campus, and
  • A copy of the position description must be added in Handshake so that the College has an accessible repository of all student job descriptions for audit purposes.

What if a position does not have a Handshake position identification number?

  • Students are not permitted to hold positions that do not have a position identification number.

How do I get started with Handshake?

Who do I contact for questions about Handshake?

  • If you have questions regarding this process, please contact Richard Sylvester at ext. 7183.

Selection of a student hire

Who is eligible for student employment at K?

  • All Kalamazoo College students. If you have questions regarding a student’s status please contact the Registrar’s Office at ext. 7204.

Can a recent graduate of K hold a student employment position?

  • Recent or “expecting” K-Graduates may be considered for student employment only when enrolled in classes the quarter immediately preceding employment. For example, a student who fulfilled degree requirements during the fall quarter may work during the winter but not spring quarter. However, a graduating senior may not work during the fall quarter since classes are not held during the summer. Please note: if a graduating senior was awarded FWS during the academic year, he/she will need to be hired into a campus employment position after graduation.

What can I do if I want to hire someone who is not eligible for student employment?

  • The person would need to be hired for a staff position, pending available budget and appropriate approvals. Contact Renee Boelcke at renee.boelcke@kzoo.edu to discuss.

Who should receive priority consideration for student employment at K?

  • Priority consideration should be given to first-year, transfer, and students who have been awarded federal work/study.

Are there any resources available to help me identify the most qualified candidate?

Getting the student onto K’s payroll

What information is needed to notify Human Resources that I’ve hired a student?

  • Student’s Name
  • Student’s K identification number
  • Position identification number
  • Handshake identification number
  • Federal work study eligibility
  • Start date

How do I locate the position identification number?

  • Active position identification numbers may be found by reviewing this list.

What do I do if I cannot locate the position that I need?

I found the position but I need the account needs to be changed. What do I do?

How do I locate the Handshake position identification number?

How do I determine if a student is eligible for federal work study?

For what is the newly hired student responsible?

Is there a checklist to help me, and my student(s) on top of these processes?

Who can I contact about the hiring process?

How do students get paid?

How do students report hours worked?

  • All student employees are to report hours worked daily through Web Time Entry (WTE).

Are there Web Time Entry instructions available for students?

Are there Web Time Entry instructions available for supervisors?

How frequently are students paid?

  • Student are compensated on the biweekly student payroll.

What is my role in timecard submission?

  • Primary supervisors and alternative WTE approvers are responsible for reviewing the WTE forms for accuracy and making a determination (approve/reject) by the payroll deadline.  Please reference the Student Payroll Calendar to schedule reminders in Outlook to review/approve each student’s time card.

Who receives reminders about time approvals?

  • Only the primary supervisor receives the time approval email reminder. The primary WTE approver bears the responsibility of informing the alternate approver when coverage is needed so that student payroll is not delayed during absences.

How do I change the time approver for a position?

How much are students paid?

  • All students are paid Michigan’s minimum wage. The current minimum wage rate is $9.45 per hour. Effective January 1, 2020, the minimum wage will be $9.65, subject to governmental conditions.

My student employee worked during a past payperiod. How do I ensure that the student is paid for a payperiod that has already closed?

  • Send an email to payroll at payroll@kzoo.edu. Include the name of the student, identification number, position worked, and hours to be paid.

Who can I contact about payroll or timecard questions?

Performance Management

How can I learn a little bit about my student employee?

  • You may invite your student to provide information on the “About Me” form.

How to I express acceptable behaviors to my student employee?

How do I set expectations for student employment.

  • Best practice is to set mutually-agreed upon expectations so that you and your student employee have a shared understanding of expectations. Sample expectations may be adapted for departmental use.

How do I evaluate my student’s performance?

How can I learn about my student’s employment experience?

  • Student employees may be invited to provide insight into his/her/their experience by completing an Insight form.